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Stress: The Most Misjudged Threat To Your Health

authored by Justin Janoska Are you having massive difficulties losing fat, gaining muscle, improving energy or sleeping again? Then, you might want to listen up. Yes, stress surrounds us daily—you can’t avoid it. But way too many of us are fighting an uphill battle with protecting our health, and chronic stress is sabotaging our lives. Every […]


Fat Burning Foods? What The HEC?

Count your hormones!! Calories… don’t control metabolism — hormones do. Calories… don’t determine what type of weight you will lose and where you may lose it from — hormones do. Calories… have little influence over hunger, cravings, energy, and mood — but hormones do.   Using the phrase “count your hormones” was a way to […]


Hormones & Weight Loss

Weight loss and fat loss are not the same thing. You can be burning calories and losing weight, but those calories and that weight may or may not be fat. In fact, the one-size-fits-all weight loss model of “eat less and exercise more” can result in muscle being lost as readily as fat. The greatest […]