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The Cocoa Diet: How To Use Chocolate To Lose Weight

Recently we here at Metabolic Effect released our new Craving Cocoa product. Cocoa powder as a weight loss aid was first popularized in our book The Metabolic Effect Diet and was a concept Keoni, my brother and co-author, came up with after spending years researching the cacao bean and its byproducts.  He probably is one of the world’s premier experts on cocoa and its health benefits. Before talking about it …Read More

High Metabolism? Here’s How To Get One!

Your metabolism changes and adapts.  It is not static and predictable.  This simple understanding can free you forever from the trap of dieting.  You know what I am talking about, the never ending search for the “perfect diet?” There is no perfect diet you find.  Instead you need to create the perfect diet for you. There is only one problem with that.  The perfect diet for you changes because your …Read More

Why Can’t I lose weight? The 3 Reasons You’re Still Fat And So Am I

First, let me apologize for calling you fat. I really did not mean it like that, but rather was making reference to the fact that overweight and obesity are an epidemic so really all of us are fat. I was also alluding to the issue of “weight loss resistance”, which is the idea that many people believe that they are, quote “doing everything right” and still not getting results. Not …Read More

The Guru Dilemma: Selling out to sell in

I recently made the decision to become a health, fitness and weight loss guru. Let me explain. Over the last year I have been working several very big projects.  One of them is mine and my brother’s new book called Lose Weight Here.  The other is far bigger.  It is an infomercial and workout program called Metabolic Aftershock. It’s Metabolic Aftershock that may send me into the guru space. Honestly, …Read More

Home Workouts? Try Metabolic 10: Ten Moves To Look Like You Fit

My opinion is that things in the world of exercise have gotten too complex.  Of course there is nothing inherently wrong with complexity.  When dealing with the human body you come to expect it. The issue with complexity is that it tends to confuse all but the most educated in a field. And given the very serious obesity crisis we have, confusion regarding what to do to lose weight and …Read More